Terms and Conditions

This page is a statement of terms and conditions describing the service that governs our relationship with users and others who use ASKZARA.com. From here, any reference to the Ask Zara Media Inc business may be described as ASKZARA, and ASKZARA.com may be described as Site or The Site. When you use ASKZARA.com you are automatically bound by the terms & conditions of The Site. If you don’t agree with the following, please do not list your business on The Site. ASKZARA has the right to override sales terms above the terms agreed upon with listing advisor.¬†This page may be updated regularly. Please check back often.


I just bought a SNAP listing package (or premium SNAP listing package). What am I getting? What is the approximate delivery of a SLP video?
The SLP video is included in both the SNAP listing package and the SNAP premium listing package. The SLP video is a branded thirty second video that consists of various images of your business with text and music. A media coordinator representing ASKZARA will contact client and schedule a time for a ASKZARA videographer to come and capture video of client’s business. Please note, the ASKZARA videographer will need a minimum of 1 hour access to client and client’s business in order to get the content required for the SNAP Video.

The content and focus of video will be discussed ahead of time with client and ASKZARA Media Coordinator. Please note, all persons required to properly showcase the business will be your responsibility to organize and implement. The ASKZARA videographer and editing team is limited to the conditions and visual appearance of client and client’s business.

Before it is posted to your listing, ASKZARA will provide you with a finished edit of the SNAP video for review. The client holds the right to make any necessary changes at this time. This is the clients only chance to change or revise any content in the video. Please note the following:

  • The video edit can take up to 15 business days, if required.
  • The finished SNAP video will be embedded into the clients Listing Page on ASKZARA.com. Client retains all rights to promote and market their listing page in any way the client sees fit.
  • All usage rights to content and images captured for the Snap Video are also retained by Ask Zara Media Inc.
  • If client requires a new SNAP video due to changes in client’s business or for other reasons, additional costs are applicable.

Are you going to help me put in content for my listing?
ASKZARA provides a business listing service and a video marketing tool for our clients. We do not provide content for your listing. Content in your listing should be specific to your business, and as such should be written or influenced by someone directly involved in it.

If you require any additional custom content, for an additional fee we are can offer copy writing and other media services. Call us at 888 505 9272, or email us: sales@askzara.com.

Are you doing any SEO for my listing and business?
ASKZARA is maintained with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices as our top priority. This ensures businesses listed on The Site experience the positive benefits that come with SEO best practices in place. We try our best to be found easily, so you can be found easily. We do not perform SEO on each INDIVIDUAL listing customer or page.

When I sign up for a listing, why is it only appearing in one city?
To keep The Site relevant to both businesses and their prospective customers, we ensure that businesses are listed in their true location only. This must match the postal or zip code given at sign-up. This practice ensures the exposure each business experiences is relevant to its potential customers. The Sites first priority is connecting the right businesses to the right customers, efficiently. If a Site visitor in Vancouver is searching for an Italian restaurant with live entertainment, it is in no ones best interest for an Italian restaurant in Las Vegas to show in their results. Therefore, businesses are limited to one region only. Additionally, when a Site visitor is in default map view that shows all the regions we represent, businesses in all regions that The Site represents are shown.

If you have additional locations of your business, you will need to make a listing for each additional location. Additional business listings must have a unique location. This service is subject to additional charges. Please contact your ASKZARA advisor for assistance.

I put up my listing on ASKZARA and months later business hasn’t improved at all. Why?
The Site provides a listing service to businesses and offers a personalized promotional video in The Sites SNAP and SNAP premium listing packages. The video made in entirely dependent on the resources your business offered at the time of its creation. The Company and The Site are in no way responsible for the success or failure of your business. Any additional marketing is the responsibility of the business. You are entirely responsible for the content of your listing and the outcome of it.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or concerns about my listing?
Issues concerning listing please contact support (generalinquiries@askzara.com) Please include your listing advisors name. All sales are final and any refunds may only be considered on a base by base situation.

I want to list on The Site, but don’t want to use/have a credit card. What are my options?
Although we securely transact everything using Credit Cards via PayPal – we accept cheques as well, or even cash payment if you prefer (this option is only available if your sales advisor was consulted about it). Call us at 888 505 9272, or email us: sales@askzara.com.

If you sign up on The Site without an advisor, your listing can only be processed immediately using PayPal or a credit card. Cheques are accepted, and a direct payment of cash may be arranged with an ASKZARA advisor. Please refer to the contact above if you’d like to pay service fees outside of The Site.


You can list all kinds of businesses on ASKZARA. We welcome any business to our global community -new or long established- for people to eat, stay, play or visit and have fun. However, in order to keep ASKZARA a valuable search tool to both businesses and Site visitors, restrictions must be in place to maintain a high standard of quality. We respect other people’s rights, and expect you to do the same. You will not post content or use ASKZARA as a platform to do anything that infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law. The listing you put up must reflect and describe a legal business entity. No false advertising or representation is tolerated. Any illegal activity will be reported to the proepr authorities immediately.

What is considered to be disallowed content for the site?
Partisan political advocacy and endorsement; religious proselytizing; pornography of any sort (non artistic value nudity); malware (viruses or other malicious code), spam click bots, unlawful multi-level marketing; hate speech; bullying, intimidation of another person or identifiable group; harassment, discrimination of age, sex, gender, orientation, ethnicity; false or misleading information & advertising; solicitation of sexual services; trade/sale of restricted or illegal items and products; depiction of drug and/or alcohol abuse; endangered animals and trafficking their parts; sale of stolen property; intentional replacement listing video content depicting violence, degrading and humiliating content, or a felony, or participation in crime.

We do check the entire site and all listings frequently. You will get caught and your listing will be taken down if you post something disallowed. We maintain the right to remove any listing that we feel infringes on the law or violates our ability to provide Site visitors with a positive experience, and ASKZARA has no obligation for refunds under these circumstances.

What happens if a customer posts/misuses the site and posts disallowed content?
In the event of a wrongful or offensive listing being posted, the listing will be flagged down immediately and the offending user banned. Your user profile will be deleted and your listing will be taken down. If a Site visitor has left offensive or wrongful comments or reviews, the user will be banned and the offending content removed immediately. These actions can be triggered either by our own staff, or a visitors complaint of misuse on The Site. Negative reviews with merit are not considered to be malicious and cannot be altered, for the integrity of The Site. If your content is determined to be illegal and violating the law, your listing content and its identifying information will be immediately forwarded to the proper authorities.

If you purchased a SNAP or SNAP Premium listing package: Under no circumstances will a refund be given if your listing is intentionally harmful or illegal and the proper authorities will be notified, if necessary.

If you violate the letter or spirit of this The Terms and Conditions Usage Agreement in any way, or otherwise create risk or possible legal issue for ASKZARA, your listing will be immediately terminated. We will notify you by email or at the next time you attempt to log into your account.

What level of support can a customer expect from the use of The Site if something goes wrong?
The Site offers the business owner complete control over the content of their listing; Therefore, we cannot assist if something is accidentally removed or deleted while you are editing your listing, or logged in your account.

The Site is mirrored for optimum data backup. In the event of server outage, all content will be complete up to the last automated update event. Beyond that, it may be possible that recent page edits by the customer be lost. This depends completely on your own operating system and its abilities. If you are concerned about losing recent changes made to your listing, it may be in your best interest to backup changes made to your listing on your own computer as well.

The Terms and Conditions page may be updated regularly. Please check back often.